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Shay’s Candle Factory Co.

Dried Grosso Bundles

Dried Grosso Bundles

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Dried Grosso and English lavender bundles from our 2022 harvest. Hand cut and hung to dry in our barn. These bundles were carefully put together and cleaned. Dried lavender is VERY fragile and does not have as strong of a scent compared to fresh lavender, but will still have a lovely lavender fragrance. They can last a long time as long as they are in a dry shaded area. These bundles are perfect for dried flower bouquets, wedding invitations/favors, and house décor.

Each Grosso Bundle
- is between 17 to 20 inches long
- weighs between 160 to 185 grams
- has between 180 to 220 stems
- Has a stronger scent
- the buds are light purple

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